Washroom Services

Soap Dispensers

We provide a wide range of soap dispensers – whatever your washroom requirement, from the workshop to corporate environment. We provide dispensers in a variety of size, material, colour and finish. Our soap dispensers are designed to prevent clogging and leakage and can be used for foam, luxury liquid and regular anti-bacterial hand soaps. Whatever your budget we will have the perfect soap dispenser.

Commercial Air Fresheners & Service

Even outwardly clean washrooms may smell. Neutralising unpleasant odours with Air Fresheners so that your employees and visitors enter a pleasant-smelling washroom can significantly improve the washroom experience.

With a washroom air freshener & purification solution from ACMS Washroom Services you will:

  • Protect staff, visitors and other users
  • Clear embarrassing odours
  • Eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces
  • Reduce chemical usage
  • Eliminate the need for deodorants and perfumes
  • Improve the image of your organisation

We offer a range of automated air freshening products including:

  • Pre-programmable
  • Long-life battery operation
  • Choice of styles and finishes
  • Choice of fragrances
  • Secure and lockable for more public areas

Installed by our technicians we provide regular maintenance and air freshening service.

Toilet Roll Dispensers

We provide a wide range of toilet roll dispensers varying in size, finish and price to meet your individual requirements. Depending on the frequency of use of your washroom we can advise you on the best dispenser from individual tissue dispensers to dispensers that hold jumbo rolls up to 400m.

We are also able to supply and install toilet roll dispensers for Disabled Washrooms that allow for one-handed operation.

Installed by our technicians we provide regular maintenance throughout Singapore.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Towel Dispensers are low-cost and paper towels are clean, hygienic, quick and easy to use. They are a particularly good option where no power is easily available in the washroom. Individual paper towel dispensers come in a range of colours and capacities. They are robust and lockable. We also provide the paper towel roll option where the desired amount of towel can be torn off by pulling down at the base of the dispenser.

Installed by our technicians we provide regular maintenance throughout Singapore.

Roller Towel Services

Available in two sizes, roller towels are quick and easy to use and ideal for washrooms where noise from hand dryers would be a nuisance to rooms nearby. They are convenient and absorbent as the towels are made of 100% cotton. We provide a roller towel service for your washroom ensuring that freshly laundered towels are delivered and installed on a regular basis.

Roller Towel Services and dispensers throughout Singapore.

Roller towel dispensers are robust and low maintenance and extremely eco-friendly.

Installed by our technicians we provide regular maintenance and a roller towel service.

Washroom Hand Dryers

Automatic warm air

Automatic warm air hand dryers are a good solution for busy washrooms.  They provide a fast, efficient and way to dry hands.  Using an infrared sensor, they automatically start when hands are placed beneath the air vent and stop when hands are pulled away. We provide a range of hand dryers for you to choose from.

Automatic Warm Air Hand Dryers can be a good option because:

  • They reduce risk of cross-contamination
  • They are robust
  • They have long service intervals between maintenance visits
  • There is no associate waste, nor do they require any refilling

Washroom Urinal & Toilet Sanitisers

How our Washroom Sanitisers work

A measured dose of sanitizing fluid is released into the last phase of each flush. This treated flush water helps to inhibit the build-up of bacteria forming on the toilet and urinal surfaces as well as the surrounding flush affected area. It also helps prevent the build-up of uric salt deposits helping to reduce potential blockages of the pipe work occurring.

Our urinal and toilet sanitisers

Our urinal and washroom sanitisers provide a total solution for effective prevention of scale and the control of bacterial growth and bad smells in urinals, washrooms and associated piping. At the heart of our system is Bio-active, an advanced and highly effective 3-in-1 sanitising fluid based on natural ingredients.

Urinal Caps

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint?

These snap-on snap-off urinal caps are completely recyclable and quick and easy to install and then replace. Lasting up to one month they combat the risk of blocked pipework by breaking down the uric acid that may build up over time. The citrus deodorising caps contain naturally occurring bacteria that also combat the bacteria that cause unpleasant odours helping to maintain hygiene levels and a fresh-smelling washroom environment. Cleaning and maintenance are also made easier as less water reduces the build-up of lime-scale deposits.

A standard urinal flushes 96 times per day, using 3 litres of water with each flush. By using a urinal cap, you can safely reduce the flushing frequency to just twice a day and potentially may save up to 100,000 litres of water per urinal each year. You can significantly reduce your water consumption by as much as 95% and considerably reduce your water bills as a result.

Commercial Nappy Bins, Baby Changing Tables & Nappy Disposal Service

We provide a range of robust commercial nappy bins all with hygiene chutes for clean disposal with minimum odour.

Choose from:

  • Range of styles, colours and finishes
  • Range of operation including automated hands-free
  • Range of sizes

Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Disposal Service

Washroom services and hygiene is too important to hand off to any supplier, the health and safety of your staff and visitors could be compromised. As a result, many of our clients are long-standing knowing that we provide a service they can trust.

As a professional and long-established washroom service company we work with clients throughout Singapore across a wide range of sectors from fitness centres to corporate offices.

No two washroom companies are alike. We believe in a tailored approach and pride ourselves on working closely with clients in defining a schedule that will best meet your needs in providing a cost-effective service that you can rely on.


The latest Feminine Hygiene products include:

  • Germicides that are certified against HIV, Hepatitis B and also Hepatitis C. Germicides render every tampon and towel harmless as they enter the sanitary bin.
  • Different operating modes such as integral pedal operation or touch-free operation for Hands-free use reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Varying designs to best suit the aesthetics of your washroom.
  • Lockable units for secure areas.

Water Coolers

Offering added enhancement through refined styling, our Water Coolers boasts a larger dispensing area, integral cup dispenser and the option of sparkling water, giving a distinctive edge to your corporate refreshment system.

  •  Prestigious point-of-use cooler of sturdy Construction
  •  Touch-panel controls and integral cup dispenser
  •  Auto-lit dispensing area of generous dimensions
  •  Available as floor standing or counter top
  •  A choice of water options, including hot, Ambient, cold, direct-chill and sparkling

Are your coolers lacking that extra sparkle? Address that with our Water Coolers, complete with a choice of reservoir or direct chill and the option of carbonated water.

Offering not only elegant style and long-term durability, but a wealth of additional functional benefits too, they come as floor standing or countertop with the ability to add personalised branding to really make your machines stand out.

Dust / Floor Mats

We supply and maintain a range of dust mats and entrance matting. These can be plain or branded with your logo. Clean matting traps up to 80% of the dirt and moisture that is brought into buildings on the soles of people’s shoes. Highly durable we clean and replace matting every two weeks to maintain its effectiveness.

Designed as a superior dust control barrier, our Dust Matting Solution offers unparalleled protection against the dirt and moisture that pedestrians can track into a building.

Want to stop up to 80% of dust, dirt and moisture brought into a building within the first 10 to 30 feet? Try our 3-part system designed especially for high-traffic areas that includes:

  • Heavy-duty scraper modular tile – the first line of defence against outdoor dirt and grime
  • Interior entryways
  • Textile mats and runners for high circulation areas

With the largest private R&D facility in the textile industry – our dust mats have innovations that make mats more colourful and customizable, tougher and longer lasting.

Our Commercial Dust Mats are also a responsible choice.

  • Manufacturing processes are as energy efficient as possible
  • Dust Mats are made with varied degrees of renewable and recycled materials
  • Will take back old mats and recycle the materials for a variety of new uses and    applications

Our dust mats come in variety of fully coordinated, contemporary colours and a five-year guarantee. Installed by our technicians we provide regular maintenance throughout Singapore.

Water Management

Washroom and urinal   

By fitting a Sensor flush II, our unique, sensor activated, wireless urinal water management device, the flow of water into the cistern, via approved solenoid valve, is managed based on the usage of the washroom. Sensor flush works on “real time programming” and can be programmed to your hours of opening and a desired frequency of flushing can be set, that will only be triggered when it senses someone in the washroom using the urinal.

A typical setting of the unit, to flush 30 mins after it “sees” someone, 5 days per week with 10 hours opening a day, water usage will be dramatically reduced showing typical savings of $300-$400 on a 15 litre cistern flushing just 3 times an hour. The unit will perform a hygienic flush every 12 hours if no one enters the washroom.

With Sensor flush you have the ability in your washroom to manage:

  • The number of urinal flushes per hour
  • The number of hours of operation
  • If detection does not occur within a pre-selected period,Sensor flush automatically  provides a sanitizing flush.

This means you can match your washroom requirements without compromising on the hygiene standard of the facility. You can actually save up to 90% of water as you are only using water when it is needed – saving the water that would usually be wasted.

Installed by our technicians we provide regular maintenance throughout Singapore.

Washroom Vending Machines & Services

The washroom vending machines and products available through our vending services include brand leading items such as tights, tampons, condoms, headache tablets, deodorants, shower gels and lip balm.

We offer vending machines of different sizes and can supply a standard vending or even a bespoke vending solution to ensure that the contents meet your specific product requirements for your washroom.

You can opt for a fully managed option or a self-serviced option where your staff replenishes products as needed.

Installed by our technicians we provide regular maintenance throughout Singapore.