The responses for all my requests were treated with priority and acted upon quickly. Your service quality is excellent with almost zero complaint received from our residents.
Park Management
Philip Motha
We have noted that the response from your management staffs has been very prompt and efficient as and when needed. We must also commend the professional advice rendered to us for the various situations pertaining to the cleaning of the estate.
Property Management Pte Ltd for D’ Centennial
We would like to show our appreciation to ACMS FACILITIES MANAGEMENT PTE LTD, whom we had engaged for contract of M & E services.
Unique System SEA Pte Ltd
The Management would like to take the opportunity to show its appreciation for your company’s swift response in rendering professional cleaning services with regards to the flood incidents. We would also like to take this opportunity to commend your supervisor for his positive attitude and professionalism shown.
Unique System SEA Pte Ltd
We would like to commend ACMS Facilities Management Pte Ltd, whom we had engage for Contract Cleaning Services since 2015. We appreciate your dedication to good service provided to our mosque 7 days a week. We have found the cleaners to be consistent with the cleaning and they ensure that they complete all the areas covered in our agreement.
Mosque Management Board
This letter is a gesture of our appreciation of ACMS FACILITIES MANAGEMENT PTE LTD for the Contract Cleaning Service at our premises. ACMS Facilities has fulfilled our requirements and the service quality is above average standards. Our company is satisfied with the services provided.
NIE Electronics (S) Pte Ltd