Case Study

Rapid Response of ACMS Facilities Management Sets Us Apart

How our organisation can move into operation quickly and positively
Case Study;

Rapid Response

This study centres around, the Client, Unique System SEA Pte Ltd, Unique Group are an engineering equipment for marine industries supply company operating globally. In this scenario they have been at a location for a long time and decided to re-locate into a larger premise, though not too far away.

The Problem

The company had an office and warehouse in Singapore which were originally being cleaned by one local company. This cleaning company had withdrawn their cleaners immediately the company re-locating into a larger premise, as did the waste services provider. Unique System made numerous attempts to contact these companies with a view to them picking up the cleaning again in the new premise, but this time under contract to Unique System. However, these companies failed to respond mainly because of administrative inertia and consequently Unique System contacted ourselves on a Thursday afternoon.

The Solution

ACMS Facilities Management came forward with our Sales & Marketing Executive to visit the sites as soon as possible to get an estimate floor plan and job specifications. By 10.30am on a Friday morning the sites had been visited and scheduled cleaning hours required.

By 3.00pm on Friday we had worked out a cleaning programme for the site and a unique reducing cost per clean over time as we had no idea whether the cleaning would occur as a cleaning contract on a yearly basis or otherwise. This proposal was sent over to the Administrator Friday afternoon.

9.00am Monday morning a reply came back from Unique System authorising the cleaning contract of the sites for one year at the costs proposed, with all the cleaning at the sites due to start on the Wednesday. By that Monday afternoon all the cleaners were in place to start on the Wednesday.

All the sites were subject to an extended deep clean on the Wednesday as they had been neglected for some little time at the new premise and then cleaning commenced as normal on the Friday.