About Us

About Us

ACMS Facilities Management was established in 2015 and incorporated as a PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY. With over 9 years of experience and expertise in the industry, ACMS Facilities is one of the mid-sized cleaning and maintenance service providers in Singapore.

Staffed by a team of highly dedicated and skilled associates, ACMS Facilities is able to provide reliable customer support and has since built up on a strong clientele base. Our success is measured through clients’ satisfaction and our capability in fulfilling our clients’ expectations and every need.

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ACMS Facilities has accumulated 9 years of experience and expertise in the cleaning and maintenance industry. We are able to provide clients with sound cleaning and maintenance advice to improve their operation efficiency and effectiveness. Our operation team is always ready to provide solutions to clients’ cleaning crisis.

The attainment of high-quality cleaning standards depends highly on the commitment of the management team as well as a responsible team of workers. We believe ACMS Facilities offers our clients several key benefits.

Our Clients

ACMS Facilities Management work with leading names in Commercial, Retail, Construction, Education, Healthcare, Leisure, IT, Property Management, Social Housing and Industrial. We pride ourselves on providing tailored cleaning services for our clients, which is built on openness and trust.

Working closely with our customers we’re committed to 100% satisfaction, by continually listening to their requirements and aligning our services to their needs. You can only maintain a great reputation by consistently delivering on your promises and we work hard to do exactly that. We are able to respond quickly to customer demands and can mobilise a cleaning contract faster than the majority of our competitors – making us a valuable asset to many clients.

ACMS Facilities goes beyond client’s expectations by providing consultancy on newly developed cleaning technology and chemicals to solve their needs and improve operational efficiency.

Our Mission Statement

Our Value Proposition

For multi-site national companies and independents, who seek contractual or one-off cleaning services standards, from qualified, capable operatives with sector-specific experience, ACMS Facilities Management offer a range of best-in-class bespoke solutions tailored to meet your exacting needs.

Our Vision

Through a commitment to excellence and continual investment in our people we seek to become the leading brand name within the cleaning industry nationwide.

Our Mission

  • To retain consistency in the provision of our high-quality cleaning services.
  • To maintain our breadth in range of specialisms by retaining staff knowledge & experience.
  • Resource focus on maintaining cleaning standards with existing staff and company growth.
  • Maintaining our existing clients by maintaining excellence in our provision of services and encouraging referrals to new and potential clients through our quality services and price.
  • Investment in the training and development of staff, equipment and company growth to the benefit of all.
  • By constantly seeking out new contractors around Singapore with whom we can work with. By investing time and resources to ensuring that these contractors consistently work to our standards.

We strongly believe that our quality service would help our clients achieve the following benefits to their business:

  • Enhance workplace environment and improve workers’ productivity
  • Sustainability of buildings to prolong life span of property
  • Enhance marketplace hygiene and quality to improve customer’s experience in product and service usage.

How We Can Help

ACMS Facilities Management is a straight talking, no nonsense, reputable cleaning contractor.

Our experience and expertise span a number of sectors across Singapore. We’ve earned a solid and reliable reputation, working for some of the biggest organisations, businesses and charities.

We only specialise in cleaning. It's our focus and our passion.

We’ve used the past 9+ years to build both our own in-house specialist cleaning teams and to develop relationships with independent cleaning contractors, that enables us to meet even the most demanding of cleaning challenges.

Both teams are backed up by our centralised management and support structure, which allows us to deliver a robust and consistent approach to professional cleaning.

National Contractor

Our cleaning teams cover all areas of Singapore & Malaysia, giving you access to a national coverage when you need it. Whether you have just one site, or multiple sites around the country we can help.

We offer the convenience of a local cleaning contractor, with the back-up and support of a national company. Our cleaning partners have worked with us for many years and we only use cleaning contractors that we know will deliver the same standards you expect from ACMS Facilities Management.

There’re no normal working hours here, we simply clean at a time and a frequency that matches your requirements and your organisations’ circumstances.

Choose ACMS Facilities Management because…

  • Our cleaners are trained to our high national standards.
  • We have $1m Public Liability and $1m Work Injury Compensation Insurances.
  • We have a Health & Safety Management System; utilising best practice and access level technology.
  • We adopt an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning, which is certified by our WSH Council accreditation.
  • We provide nationwide coverage with local teams.
  • We have 100% client satisfaction backed by our NEA Cleaning Business License & bizSAFE 3 for quality assurance.
  • We are a member of Environmental Management Association of Singapore (EMAS).
  • Tripartite Standards – Age-Friendly Workplace
  • National Coverage

Quality Guarantee

Our Cleaning Quality Guarantee is an on-going partnership, based on the implementation of approved procedures that are constantly monitored, and reliant on responding quickly and effectively to our client’s feedback.

We believe that quality should be inherent in all our operational processes. Our quality assurance policy is applied at all staff levels, to all procedures, and materials / equipment used in our cleaning service. Our quality policy is structured to not only raise the standard of cleaning initially, but to consistently maintain these standards throughout the contract.

We meet our clients’ needs head on; evolving our operational processes and ability to deliver improved services in line with customer demands. We’re also consistently looking at ways to improve our operational performance to bring cost savings to our customers.

We motivate and engage with our staff with internal processes and training programmes to ensure we retain the best people. This directly reflects on the professionalism our clients experience from our operatives and their work.


ACMS Facilities Management is driven by a dynamic team, who recognise that their work has an environmental impact, resulting from resource consumption, transport, purchasing and waste production. As a consequence of this is the management is committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance.

National Environment Agency sets out the criteria for an Environmental Management System. It maps out a framework that a company can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. It can be used to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs.

As part of our on-going commitment to the environment we have implemented the following initiatives:

  • Micro fibre technology is incorporated to cut out the need for the use of chemicals where possible.
  • We use environmentally responsible products.
  • All paper products and bin liners are from sustainable sources.
  • Environmental responsibilities are incorporated into employee inductions.
  • We work closely with the waste and recycling contractor to achieve the desired reduction targets.
  • We embrace new technology in equipment to cut down on chemical and water usage.
  • All sites are assessed for their environmental impact.
  • We place a chemical spill clean-up guide where cleaner’s rooms are provided
  • We discuss with suppliers whether more environmental friendly products can be used
  • Ensure efficient use of resources, prevent pollution and minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of our activities or products.
  • To manage our waste sustainably and recognise our responsibility to recycle wherever possible.
  • To align our environmental practices and procedures with those of our clients.
  • To promote environmental awareness by providing training and ensuring every member of the team understands their environmental responsibilities.
  • To promote sound environmental practices with our suppliers.
  • To meet and, where practical, exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Our Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees, partners, suppliers and contractors.

How We Operate

We understand the time pressures which are associated with certain cleans and are able to mobilise a cleaning team quickly and efficiently to meet our client’s requirements.

With all our cleaning partners we only work with providers which we know deliver the same high standard of cleaning as ACMS Facilities Management.

We only Specialise in Cleaning. It’s our Focus and Our Passion.

We’ve used the past 9+ years to build both our own in-house specialist cleaning teams and to develop relationships with independent cleaning contractors, which enables us to meet even the most demanding of cleaning challenges.

Both teams are backed up by our centralised management and support structure, which allows us to deliver a robust and consistent approach to professional cleaning.

Local & National Cleaning Services
We pride ourselves on working at a local level, partnering with local cleaning contractors, to complete local cleans. All our cleaning partners are supported through the national support network, which we have built over the past 9+ years.

When you next want a reliable, forward-thinking cleaning company get in touch with ACMS Facilities Management – we’d love to hear from you.

For a free site survey and quote contact us by:

Telephone: (+65) 6363 2230
WhatsApp: (+65) 8181 8275
Email: sales@acmsfacilities.com.sg